A split connects an indoor unit to an outdoor unit; they are linked together with two copper tubes or “refrigeration lines”. They are installed simply and unobtrusively to interiors, walls, cassettes and ducts. The external unit can be installed on the outside of the house, placed vertically on the wall, or placed on the ground on top of a support.

The WALL-mounted air conditioning system is the most popular on the market as

it is the easiest to install, has the cheapest price and also has the easiest maintenance.

When mounting a split we must take into account that the indoor unit produces water with condensation during cooling mode and this water must be channeled to a collection point.

Multi-splits: Connects various indoor units to a single outdoor unit, allowing the user

  • to install a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces. When
  • there isn´t enough room to install outdoor machines, this is an excellent option. It
  • provides individual control of room temperature settings and enables indoor units of
  • different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions, unique to each
  • residential setting. The operation, installation and maintenance are similar to a split.

It is also a good option for when you want to cool areas that are adjacent or separated by a dividing wall.

There is a wide range of products available on the market at a domestic level regarding the power of the outdoor unit. In addition the refrigeration lines of these systems have a limited life span, which cannot be exceeded (consult with the specialist or the manufacturer).

Products and technical specifications:

Mitsubishi Electric
Calefacción Daikin